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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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is transitioned over. but given the complexity of our financial program, the largeness of the project -- and fred is recommending this, as you know from the letter in your packet -- we consider sara as our next chief financial officer. she has taken a number of classes at uc-berkeley, educated herself on anything and everything having to do with governmental accounting standards. she is on track to receive for certification, which is very difficult to get. it is like passing the bar or getting your cpa certification. i would like to ask sara to come up and say a few words to the board. >> thank you. actually, i would like to thank maria and fred for giving me the opportunity to take on additional duties throughout the years, and interest to me with increased responsibilities.
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i would like to thank the staff for helping to manage the peninsula as possibilities. i will let thwould like to thane commission for considering this today. it has been an honor to watch the tjpa come from certifying the eir, one of the first things i helped area with, all night hearings from 2004 until now to walking by a construction site on my way to work. thank you for considering this. i look forward to riding a bus to the new station in a few years. >> i would move approval. >> second. >> what exactly will mr. clark's that this be? >> he will be deputy cfo with sara.
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he will be working on a very carpet -- part-time basis. he is a tjpa employee. he is not a consultant and has not been a consultant. he has always been a tjpa employee. his hours would become less and less. >> and his compensation accordingly? >> yes. he is in his mid to late 80's, 70's? he is prepared to retire. >> i certainly support the appointment and refer to your dad on this, but isn't a law by the tjpa that you did not have the authority to make this appointment? >> there are certain position that we bring directly to the board. that would be the board secretary, chief financial officer position, as well as
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general counsel position. general counsel position is now in dennis herrera. that was from a board resolution quite a while ago. nila was appointed earlier. the chief financial officer, and of course, my position. those are the only one that would come to this body. >> surprised we still have dennis, but i guess we still do. all right, motion, 2nd. any speakers? >> no members of the public wish to address you on this item. all in favor? >> congratulations, sara. you have been here so i cannot say welcome aboard. >> item 11 is approved. item 1item 12. election of chair and vice chair pursuant to the tjpa joint powers agreement.
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>> i would like to make the proposal that supervisor kim the the chair of this body as the elected official, and as the representative of the district where this is all taking place. it would seem that the best choice to me. >> all right. we have nomination and a second for supervisor kim. any other nominations? seeing none. are there any objections to the nomination? any members of the public wish to speak on the item? >> you have got it down now. >> if elected are you willing to serve? >> i do accept and am honored to serve as chair of this body. >> we have not voted yet. director kim: would be honored. >> [laughter]
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all in favor? >> the board has unanimously agreed to appoint supervisor kim as chair. the vice chair? >> any nominations for vice chair? >> i will nominate supervisor ortiz. >> second. >> nomination and second. any speakers? seeing none. any objection? all approved? unanimous. >> my sister ortiz will continue on as vice chair. we have a new chair, director kim. --that include your regular calendar. we are scheduled to go into closed session at this time. we have not received any indication that a member of the
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public wants to address you on the item listed. we will go ahead and clear the room. >> the tjpa order directors meeting is now back in session. the board met in closed session for a conference with their realistic negotiators and there is no action to report. tractors, that concludes the agenda. >> are there any other questions or announcements? thank you.
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supervisor chiu: good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday september 13, 2011. welcome to our temporary board chamber. please call the roll. >> [roll call] mr. president, there is a quorum. supervisor


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